About Us

At the turn of the twentieth century, weary steamboat captains navigating The Osage River eagerly awaited arriving in the Old Linn Creek port. When they laid their eyes on The Great Stone Face, they knew their voyage was almost at an end. In 1931, Old Linn Creek and The Great Stone Face were hidden beneath the waves of the majestic Lake of the Ozarks. Today, its the first sip of Great Stone Coffee that lets you know that your Lake adventure has begun.

Great Stone Coffee proudly partners with Kaldi’s to provide the highest quality beans for your coffee. Based in St. Louis, Kaldi’s has established itself as one of the premier roasteries in the country. Click here for more information.

Great Stone Coffee also proudly partners with Mr.s K’s Bakery, a local bakery run by Renee Kisor, to provide the freshest, tastiest baked goods. For more information on Mrs. K’s, click here.

Great Stone Coffee proudly uses GC Water exclusively for all brewing. GC Water specializes in filtering and balancing water to accentuate the best qualities the Arabica bean. For more information on GC Water, click here.